Actual Testimonials From Fungton Users

Fungton users tell of their experiences using Fungton

For years I've had stomach bloating. My stomach just kept getting bigger and bigger. I am in my late seventies and for a number of years I've had pain, nausea and burning down in my stomach as well many other problems. I don't like taking medications. I just don't like taking pills. My doctor says I'm a tough person to deal with. My daughter bought me Fungton after hearing about it on the radio. It took me a couple of weeks before I would try it. I must say though, it has helped me. A lot really. In many ways I feel better. And I don't take very much. I am still only taking one teaspoon daily. ha ha I really do feel better, I am even happier. I think more clearly too. I am very satisfied and I recommend this Fungton. I may even start following the directions better. L.G. Ohio

I have taken prescription antibiotics for over twenty years. I have a skin problem where I break out with big, ugly, red, painful bumps on my face, neck and head. Only the antibiotics keeps them away and under control. I have tried many times to stop the antibiotics, but when I do they quickly come back with a vengeance. I know the medication is bad for me, but nothing I ever tried helped. I heard about Fungton on the radio one morning and decided to try it. Just about everything they said, I had wrong with me. I stopped taking the antibiotics when I started taking the Fungton. I am on my fourth jar and I've had no skin breakouts. I have more energy, no longer depressed, sleep better, headaches are gone. I feel like a new person. I highly recommend you try Fungton. B.K. Ohio

When I read about Fungton helping the feeling of bugs crawling on you all the time. I had to try it just for that reason. I constantly slap at myself thinking something is on me. I scratch, itch. slap all day at these non-existent critters. I immediately called the 800 number and ordered. Within five days after starting Fungton the itching, buggy, crawly feeling was gone. I just started my second jar and I am amazed how much better I feel and how many of my other health problems Fungton has helped. Like my constant sinus condition and bloated belly. I have already got my bible study friends started taking Fungton as well. D.M. Ohio

I am 37 years old and weigh 112 pounds. I workout regularly, try to eat right and I have taken vitamins and probiotics for years. I have had digestive problems since high school. It's really gotten worse the last few years. I lost weight, couldn't eat, was bloated, lived in pain and had anxiety attacks and my heart skipped beats. I was scared. A friend told me about Fungton. They heard it on the radio and thought of me, thankfully. I just finished my second jar and I really feel like a new person. My old self, my better self. I tell everyone about it. Read their web page, it just makes perfect sense. I say, try it. C. W. Alabama

I just finished my fifth jar. I feel great. I had a lot of different and varied health issues. Some very severe, painful and limiting. Each jar I feel a healing difference. They say the longer you take it the deeper into the tissues it can reach searching out the bad stuff. I believe it. I see the difference. I'm thankful for the Fungton. B.L. Ohio

I bought the Fungton for my migraine headaches. I was getting three weekly, they last sometimes two days. I have had a few migraines since starting the Fungton but they don't last as long and aren't as painful, but I haven't had one in the past two weeks. I haven't gone this long without a migraine or any kind of headache since I was fifteen. Unless you have severe headaches you just can't know the pain and suffering we go through. I highly recommend Fungton, I don't want to be without it. B.W. Ohio

When I first read about Fungton it made perfect sense to me. It seems to me that the overgrowth of any one, or all of these toxins could literally cause ANY health issue a person might have. If you take away these body weakening toxins, then your body would be able to start the healing process naturally, all by itself. People just don't fully realize that our body were made incredibly well. In his image I might add. For us to even get sick our immune system must be compromised. The powerful drugs we take, the polluted air we breathe, the antibiotics and steroids given to the animals we eat and the dirty water we drink weakens our immune system. Fungton helps your body get rid of these toxins, thus it re-juvinates your immune system and the result is improved health. Simple! Dr. K. Georgia

I've had allergies, sinus and asthma seems like my whole life. As a child I went to the doctor and took allergy shots twice weekly, I was so bad. I've taken truckloads of medications, yet I continue to wheeze, cough, sneeze, blow my nose and stay tired. It doesn't matter what time it is, I'm tired. Just get out of bed, I'm tired. Just get up from a nap, I'm tired. So when I heard of Fungton I jumped at the chance to get help. $50.00 is nothing compared to what I have spent. Fungton has helped me. I feel so much better already. I can't believe how simple the solution was. If I only I knew this before. M.C. Florida

I've been overweight for most of adult life, over 20 years. I've never been able to say NO to any kind of food, which is anything I can get my hands on, so no diet or diet pills ever worked for me. I started taking Fungton recently because of digestive problems as well as many other health problems as you could imagine. I quickly noticed my stomach getting smaller (bloating)? I have lost about ten pounds without changing what I eat or drink and without exercising. I don't do any exercise. What's funny or odd is that I no longer crave sugar, breads and sweets. But I really haven't tried to lose the weight. But I like it. I feel better all over. Fungton is easy to do and no real taste. Yes I recommend Fungton, and have to my family and friends. A.J. Texas

I have more energy, think more clearly, remember things faster and easier, I am happier, no more diarrhea and cramping, my skin is clearing up and my joints no longer ache. Oh yeah, I sleep like a baby now too. Get some for yourself. M.M. Ohio

I have had yeast infection after yeast infection for years. I single handedly have keep Vagisil in business. Nothing I have done has truly kept it away. Can you imagine my frustration? I heard about Fungton on a radio program and I immediately called and ordered. I have seen an immediate improvement. I am not running to the bathroom every half hour either now. My mother is 80 years old and I have her taking it as well. B.T. Ohio



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