Fungton Special Offers and Suggestions

One jar of Fungton is only $49.95 plus s&h. This is the least you should do to improve your health and kill the bad bacteria overgrowth in your body.

For those of you who have really obvious health issues, we highly recommend you also purchase one bottle of All Natural Healthy Gut for only 39.95. The Healthy Gut helps fight Fungus as well, but what it really does the best is to aid in the healing of your intestinal lining. When you have had a bacterial overgrowth for years, then your intestines become like a pin cushion, this is called The Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is one of the ways the fungus escapes your gut is thru this weakened intestinal lining. Because of the Leaky Gut most of you lose much needed nutrients and this weakens your immune system even more. You then develop a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Guess when disease strikes? When we have a weakened immune system, that is when disease can and does attack our body. This allows you to get sick and develop a myriad of symptoms.

We also have an all natural Liquid Vitamins and Minerals Supplement that put needed nutrients back into your system. This liquid has every known vitamin and mineral in its ingredients. It's a liquid, so your body readily absorbs the nutrients. Your body will have everything it needs to hasten the healing process. You take the Fungton to kill the overgrowth of bad bacteria, you take the Healthy Gut to aid in the healing of your digestive system and you take the Liquid Vitamins and Minerals to give your body the opportunity to heal quicker, fuller and naturally.

Offer #1 is----one Fungton for $49.95 plus s&h. You want to try Fungton first and when you see the how much it helps you then you will call back and order the other two products as well.

Offer #2 is ----3 jars of Fungton at $49.95 for the first 2 jars and $39.95 for the 3rd for a total of $139.85 + s&h. For a savings of $10.

Offer #3 is ----one Fungton for $49.95 plus one bottle of the Liquid Vitamins and Minerals or one bottle of Healthy Gut for $39.95, your choice, for a total of $89.90 plus s&h

Offer#4 is called The Total Package, this is for people who have the desire to do everything they can immediately for the fastest results, this is one Fungton for $49.95 plus one Healthy Gut for $39.95 plus one Liquid Vitamins and Minerals for $39.95, for a total of $129.85 and this offer includes FREE s&h.

Remember, all of our products have a super guarantee; they work for you or your money back. Our products work and they work quickly. We are here for you. 1-800-335-9542.

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