FungTon F.A.Q.

Some Very Common Questions Asked About Fungton and Bad Bacteria/Fungus

Q. Would you please name the parts of the body that this fungus problem seems to attack the most? Yes, there are five most prominent areas fungus attacks readily. They are in no particular order; The digestive system, causing symptoms of bloating, cramps, diarrhea or constipation or both, allergies, gas, pain, indigestion, etc. Number two is the nervous system with symptoms of abnormal fatigue, spaciness, brain fog, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, depression, insomnia, hallucinations, twitches, tingling, lightheadedness and many others. Thirdly is the skin, obvious symptoms of acne, hives, psoriasis, eczema, excessive sweating and ugly nail infections. Fourth is the Genito-Urinary Tract affecting both men and women. For the women it's PMS, depression, mood swings, bloating, fluid retention, cramps, craving for sweets and chocolates, headaches prior to menstruation, recurrent bladder infections, and loss of sexual interest. In the man its chronic rectal or anal itching, recurrent prostatitis, impotence, genital rashes and jock itch. And number five is the endocrine system (glands, hormones) causing a weakened immune system, the thyroid and adrenal glands can be affected and with all the problems they cause. Again this list does not include everything and all possible symptoms.

Q. Does Fungton negatively affect any medication I am already taking? No. There is no negative reaction from taking your medications and Fungton in the same day. Whatever meds you are taking just continue as you always have.

You can become healthier again. Your body has the ability to heal itself. It's just that sometimes your body needs some help. Our creator made us in his image, and that image is one of health and happiness, not an image of pain and suffering. Our creator gave our body all the good bacteria we needed to contain and kill off any incoming fungus or bad bacteria through our mouth into our intestinal tract. Unfortunately, through the years, the medications we take kills off our good bacteria that we so desperately need to keep the bad bacteria under control. Killing the good bacteria is an unwanted side effect of many medications. When our good bacteria starts to be overwhelmed by the bad bacteria, we then develop Leaky Gut Syndrome, this leaky gut allows the bad bacteria to escape the bowels where it can then travel the entire body to any organ thus causing weakness, sickness and disease to develop. This is why so many Americans are sick, take so many medications and just plain old don't feel good.

If you have a health problem that is baffling you, try Fungton. Call 1-800-335-9542. Fungton kills bad bacteria overgrowth that could be making you sick. Fungton is 100% full money back guaranteed to work for you. Plain and simple, Fungton will work for you or your money back. It's that simple. Call now. 1-800-335-9542.