FungTon F.A.Q.

Some Very Common Questions Asked About Fungton and Bad Bacteria/Fungus

Q. What does Fungton taste like? To most people Fungton doesn't really have a taste. It is a little gritty in texture but the taste is non-descript in nature.

Q. How long does a jar last? The first jar lasts the longest because you start very slowly taking small doses and building up your system. So the first jar usually lasts six weeks or so. Each jar after that usually lasts two to four weeks.

Q. Are there any side effects to taking Fungton? The only side affect we have ever heard of is when you are killing off an abundant number of bad bacteria and you aren't having daily bowel movements you can become extremely tired because your body can't efficiently get rid of the dead toxic fungus. For Fungton to be most effective you must keep your bowels moving and drink plenty of water to flush the bacteria out through your kidneys as well.

Q. How many jars will I need to take of Fungton? This all depends on the severity of your health problems and how well you follow the dietary suggestions. Some of you literally have no (zero) good bacteria left in your body. So many different drugs kill the good bacteria that in some of you it's all gone, destroyed. There are those of you who have had severe health issues for many years. You know you don't have an easy health issue with easy answers. You are sick and have been sick for a long time. You will need to take Fungton the rest of your life, to some degree, or you will develop your symptoms all over again. So how long and how much Fungton you use will depend on how healthy you want to be and how long you want to be healthy. It's up to you, it's your choice, it's your decision, because it's your life. Everyone wants something different. Some people would pay anything and do anything to feel better. Some people will not. So I guess it depends upon the price you put on your health.

Q. Do medical doctors treat this bad bacteria overgrowth? Very seldom does an M.D. treat this fungus overgrowth unless it's obvious, like thrush, vaginal yeast, or on your finger nails or toe nails. Guess what the prescription of choice is for fungus? All too often it is an antibiotic. A prescription for antibiotics can to some degree help kill some of the fungus, but it also weakens your immune system and actually can cause this overgrowth to grow more rapidly and become even more of an obvious health issue in the future.

Q. In one paragraph, would you name some diseases that fungus overgrowth can cause, and if not actually cause, would be directly related to these diseases existing in our body? Sure, I can do that. This is not a total list by any means, but a good beginning. Bad bacterial overgrowth has/can be associated with every known medical condition, including cancer, M.S., heart disease, AIDS, asthma, arthritis, arrhythmias, chronic sinusitis, recurrent flu, middle ear infections, alcoholism, addictions, diabetes, eating disorders, hypoglycemia, and many other conditions. You just don't feel good and for no apparent reason, plus no one can tell you why you feel so bad. You can bet you have a bad bacteria overgrowth.

Q. Can you ever get well from this problem? Yes, once your treatment is successful and you feel good again, the yeast overgrowth in your body may be controlled by taking specific supplements and maintaining a reasonable and wholesome diet and lifestyle.

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