Quickest Results When Taking Fungton

Most people start seeing changes in how they feel in just a few days. Fungton really kills off the bad bacteria fast. That is why we suggest you start slowly and build up to 2 tablespoons daily. If you kill the bacteria too quickly your body cannot rid itself of these toxins and this may cause you to feel really tired or slightly nauseated. If you ever feel that way after increasing your dosage, or you increase the dosage too fast then the next day, go back to the lower dosage again for a few more days, and then you can increase it again.

* Many people using Fungton notice very quickly how much more energy they have and good energy it is. This is an energy where you have a better attitude, a rosey outlook and you just feel like moving and doing things again.

* You will also notice that you are sleeping better. You get to sleep easier, stay asleep longer and if you wake up you will get back to sleep faster.

* In a short time you will notice you are thinking more clearly. The fog in your head is less and less. You remember little things more quickly, names, dates or where you put the keys. This is a good feeling in itself.

* You will see your skin irritations begin to clear up and heal. The redness will be less, the itching will decrease, and the patchiness will smooth out.

* You will notice your digestion will be better. You will have less heartburn, burping, indigestion and pain. Plus, you will soon happily notice your belly has gotten smaller due to the decreased bloating of your abdomen.

* Your pain will diminish. No matter where it is, it will diminish. These bad bacteria and the toxins they produce can cause us pain. You will feel better, less pain.

Do not forget how you feel before you start taking Fungton. Keep how bad you have been feeling in your mind. People have a tendency to forget just how bad they were once they start to feel better. Do not fall into this trap. This will help you stay focused on your health and to really get the best long term results possible. Also, look for changes in how you feel. Everyone is a little different. Everyone has their own special aches and pains. Write down how you feel before you start the Fungton so you can really truly monitor yourself.

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